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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

How Do I Close/Deactivate/Delete My Account? Mercatox Exchange

How Do I Close/Deactivate/Delete My Account?
If you wish to close/deactivate your Mercatox account, you will need to raise a support ticket and our support staff will permanently disable your account. You cannot delete your own account for security reasons.

How Can I Unlock My Account? on Mercatox Exchange

How Can I Unlock My Account?
If you can`t access your account for any reasons such as Incorrect google 2FA code, or something else — use the following link:

What Are The Different Types Of Two Factor Authentication? on Mercatox Exchange

What Are The Different Types Of Two Factor Authentication?
There are a 2 ways that you can enable 2FA on your Mercatox account.
We strongly recommend that you enable 2FA on your account to ensure an added layer of security.
• Email — You can choose to be emailed a verification link so you can authorise each action via emails sent to your registered email address.
• Google Authenticator — Google Authenticator you can download from the Google Play and App Store. To use Google Authenticator, install it on your mobile device either from the Google Play or App Store and follow the instructions from within the app.

What Is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)? on Mercatox Exchange

What Is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?
Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security designed to ensure that you are the only person who can access your account, even if someone knows your Password.

How Do I Make My Mercatox Account More Secure?

How Do I Make My Account More Secure?
• Set a strong Password
• Set up a Two Factor Authentication (2FA).
• Use a Unique Email Address
• Avoid using shared or public devices and networks to access online services.
• Always log off after completing your activities.
• Never tell anyone your passwords.

Monday, December 3, 2018

What "Send" Button Use For? Mercatox Account

What “Send” Button Use For?
Send button is used only for internal transfers between mercatox users.
Transfers are instant and has no fee.

How Do I Confirm My Withdraw Mercatox Account?

How Do I Confirm My Withdraw?
If you are trying to withdraw your funds there is 2 ways to confirm your withdraw: by e-mail (you will get an e-mail with confirmation link) or by Google Authenticator — in that case no e-mail will be sent to you.

How Do I Make A Withdrawal From Mercatox Account?

How Do I Make A Withdrawal?
You can Withdraw any cryptocurrency coin held in your Mercatox account by using Withdrawal button. Withdrawals can be made to any relevant address such as a personal wallet or an alternative exchange service and must match the same coin you are withdrawing. .

DIME (DIME) market added on Mercatox Exchange

DIME (DIME) market added DIME/BTC and DIME/ETH markets are available for trading. DIME (DIME) blockchain explorer is Good luck in the forthcoming trades.


TRADING PROMO AIRDROP BANANO (BAN) ON MERCATOX HAS BEEN FINISHED Dear users! Mercatox is glad to announce that 1000000 BAN AIRDROP promotion has finished. Rewards have been given to: Read more: Mercatox team

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Mercatox Exchange Minimum Deposit Amount?

Minimum Deposit Amount
Some currencies have a minimum amount for deposits, this amount is written as notice after you pressing deposit button.
In some cases if you send less that minimum amount your funds will be lost.

My Deposit To Mercatox Account Is Not Confirmed, Why?

My Deposit To Mercatox Account Is Not Confirmed, Why?
Blockchain transactions are not instant and require verification via ‘Confirmations’. The Confirmations occur when transactions are confirmed to be legitimate by miners. This confirmed block will be added to the Blockchain and continues to be confirmed as new blocks are added.
We are not performing these Confirmations or have any control over the time in which these Confirmations are completed. The Confirmations are completed by miners on the Blockchain. Transactions with higher fees will are far more likely to be added to a block first.

Why Hasn't My Deposit Arrived In My Mercatox Exchange Account?

Why Hasn’t My Deposit Arrived In My Mercatox Account?
If you have made a deposit to an address in your Mercatox account, and you can not see it in your wallet, there may be a number of reasons. Raise a ticket with subject “Missing Deposit” and wait for answer from support agent

Can I Deposit Into My Mercatox Exchange Account Using USD, EURO, YEN Or RUB?

Can I Deposit Into My Mercatox Account Using USD, EURO, YEN Or RUB?
Mercatox is crypto-to-crypto exchange and we are not working with fiat.

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