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Friday, January 22, 2016

Toshiba E-Studio 755 Firmware Download

The updated guidance specific to this version


• For this version, you must do a two-phase update, update the operating system first and then

software updates rest if your copier is in an older version v3801.

• Some copiers on the screen is wrong. Do not follow any onscreen

guides without considering the corresponding item in the document.

• You need to use a USB memory key is recognized by the copier. A list of test

device found in the bulletin Digital-94 and Digital-95. If you use a USB memory key

More than one of these devices, the best practice is to confirm the update operation on a

Photocopier at the store before performing an update in this regard.

• Print out a photo, and backup logs, forms, address books,

parts numbers and other data stored on the hard drive before doing the update. in some

case, you need to format the drive after the update. Logs are backed up using

procedures in the hands of the Administrator Chapter 4 Managing network equipment,

Maintain access from TOP ~ Backup data. The code is the best support

using FSMS.

Update OS procedure: You first this

1. Install Data ROM.bin in the root directory of an empty USB memory device

formatted as FAT (FAT23 does not). This file is found in the rom-bin directory of

download package.

2. Turn off the copier.

3. Remove any existing USB dongle from the USB port (s) and insert the USB memory

equipment containing files ROM.bin.

4. Power up copier hold [4] and [9] keys

5. Press 0 to select the operating system to update and uncheck 1 ~ 6. The operating system update. there will

not a description for the firmware package 1 and 3: This is normal.

6. Click [START] and let the update run to completion.

7. When the operation is finished, turn off the power and unplug the USB memory device.

Continue to the procedure on the next page

Update Procedures rest Firmware

1. Copy the update file to the USB memory device. The files go in the root directory.

The files can also go into a folder with name specific models appropriate if the copier

has an appropriate level or a later version. The directory pattern is:

model directory

e-STUDIO3511 / 4511: 35_4511 300 16/02/05

e-STUDIO350 / 450: 350_450 300 16/02/05

e-STUDIO200L / 230/280: 230_280 300 09/03/05

eg If you're updating equipment and e-STUDIO450 your USB is mapped to

drive F on your computer, you can put the files in F: \. If you are already a photocopier in

System version 300, you can put the files in F: \ or F: \ 350_450.

Do not put any files in directories other than the update files updates. USB

device must be formatted as FAT (FAT32).

2. If the copier model can print or scan enablers installed, uninstall them first. with

power off, insert the USB memory device into the USB port on the right side of

Photocopiers. Some models have 2 ports: either can be used. Electricity to hold copiers

4 and 9 keys.

3. Wait about 5 minutes for the following screen will be displayed (screens

changed slightly by model):

Download the Firmware Update Mode store

Choose Update restaurant

  0. OS Update Version UIF xxxx

  * 1. HDD UI0 Update Version xxxx

  * 2. Update UI UI1 Version xxxx

  * 3. System Firmware Update Version SYS xxxx

  * 4. NIC NIC Firmware Update Version xxxx

  * 5. Scanner Firmware Update Version SCN xxxx

  * 6. Air Firmware Update Version xxxx MCN

Minimum SYS


* This means that the software is selected for updates. Note that by default, the operating system is de-selected

and all other software is selected. This is not the exact combination possibilities. specific

select the firmware that needs to be updated. In most cases, you will select all items. If you

update the computer and scans using EPROM jig, then you will deselect the


4. Click Start to begin the update process. As each individual from being updated,

photocopier screen will list that as complete ROM. This process is not complete until all

ROM has been updated and the screen says "Update completed".

Download the Firmware Update Mode store

  HD Data Update ... Finished

Download Storage -> FROM Update Start. UI Data Update ... Finished

  SysFirm Update ... Finished

  Test Equipment - Complete

  Status Updates - Complete

  Test data - Completed

  Update Complete (Note 1)

  Be Serial Storage Key. Push Button 'START' !! (Note 2)

Note 1: The update is not done until this message is displayed

Note 2: The announcement says that the key to the next storage connection is not correct.

5. When the update has run to completion, each firmware package should be listed in

Screen photocopiers complete. The screen will display at the bottom: "Xin

Connect to warehouse KEY. Push 'Start' Button. "

This message is incorrect.

When "Please connect to the next important storage ..." message is displayed, updated

complete. Electrical down copier and remove the USB memory device.

6. Power on the copier mode 08 Code 947. 08. Making Turn off copiers.

7. Power on the copier. If you get the message "Wait, warm UP" and copiers do

not to get ready after waiting a long time, as codes 08-690. Confirm normal

activity. Print out a list of codes 900 through 950 print and compare with the goals

historical value to validate firmware ROM is in the appropriate version ..

(This is a common screen. It is different for different family models.)

HDD repeat procedures in e-Bridge Machinery


This procedure should be used in the following cases:

  Machine locked up and no 08/690

  Before indicating that the hard drive is replaced

  Update firmware on the HDD or UI component data


1. Support mode PWR / Clear / 3 pick # 3 PWR down completion

2. Support mode PWR / Clear / 3 pick # 2 PWR down completion

3 PWR / 690 = 2 PWR 0/8 down when rebooting is displayed - replace the HDD if a restart is not

  display after 5 minutes or an error message occurs

4. Recover the firmware through the jig recovery

PWR / 8/9 with jig reset

You just choose 0 AN1 (OS and HDD) for most of the recovery. be sure

NIC is de-selected (Downgrading a NIC card can cause permanent damage).

Machine shuts off when the "Update Completed" is displayed

If you are troubled about the updates of the main USB or Scan to work,

Data download and use EPROM EPROM jig to perform the update.

5 Turn ordinary machine and check the basic copy function, if the basic functions seem

implementation to step 6, if they do not fix the issue. (See bottom of page)

6. Update the firmware via USB

Follow the instructions that are described earlier in this document.

7. Check all the functions of the machine, if the machine fails, try "Additional steps".


Additional steps -

(Only be done if you are still having issues)

Some additional steps may be required if there are problems:

If a specific target failed

If no specific targets (eg, target 13) using DLM table and try to update the table failed

direct. Usually, it is either the SLG or machine table

1. PWR / Clear / 3 select # 1 PWR down completion

2. PWR / PWR 669 stocks down 0/8 complete

3. Follow the procedure on page 5-141 of Service Manual Ver 2 next

two above

Touch Panel

If the touch panel is not calibrated in any of the above steps, perform

PWR / 0/8 / code 692

Download E-Studio 755 Firmware



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